(Virtually) No Calorie Cake!

Researchers at Project Nourished have created a guilt free dining experience (cue applause!) – With the help of virtual reality The creative minds behind this innovative project have found a way to trick the mind and palate into thinking they are experiencing something completely different to what they are actually eating. Imagine experiencing the taste, […]

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C&IT Awards 2016

Late last Friday evening, All about the Idea giddily made their way towards the centre stage to collect our award for ‘Teambuilding Experience of the Year.’ But before we delve into the glitz and glamour of the evening, it is important to understand what led us to this moment. Rewind to July 2015… Our ‘Rugby […]

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Art In The City

Working in central London has been a great excuse for me to explore all that the city has to offer, from wandering down Brick Lane for a game at JunkYard Golf (I highly recommend) to grabbing something incredible from the food stalls in Borough Market, did someone say salt beef bagel? So with so much […]

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UK Event Awards 2015!

In a time of seasonal festivities, with London dripping in Christmas lights and staff Christmas parties now upon us, it’s hard to cast our minds back to the long days of summer. But surprisingly it was only 6 months ago – (when Christmas was an occasion far too far away to think about) – that […]

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