Consumer PR and the Boardroom

For years now, many corporate PR professionals have questioned just what is it that consumer PR’s do and how it can affect decisions made in the boardroom? Well, let’s rewind to a simpler time. In the distant past (well the 80’s) most people had no idea about shares and the stock market. Then, Margaret Thatcher’s […]

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Getting Twitter Responses Right

So, if you are responsible for a client’s social media and someone on Twitter, Facebook or wherever questions something you’ve put out there, before you respond always get a colleague to sense-check what you are saying. Just Eat ran a funny ad in this morning’s Metro about parents of toddlers getting an easier life because […]

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Newbie on the block..

  Hello trusty readers. As you will probably have gathered from previous posts by our resident blogger Jo Furnival, All About The Idea has appointed a new Account Executive in the form of Alice Mitchell (me). So here I am – the newbie, writing as your host correspondent to give you the low-down on my […]

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