A Lidl Bit of Filming

From events, to social media, to PR, to filming – we’re not ones to brag, but is there anything AATI can’t do? Our latest project involved three weeks of lights, camera and action for our favourite supermarket store, Lidl. With such huge international success and crazy, speedy growth, these guys can’t recruit fast enough! So […]

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UK Event Awards 2015!

In a time of seasonal festivities, with London dripping in Christmas lights and staff Christmas parties now upon us, it’s hard to cast our minds back to the long days of summer. But surprisingly it was only 6 months ago – (when Christmas was an occasion far too far away to think about) – that […]

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Table Rugby

The Rugby World Cup 2015 is nearly upon us as today starts the week of the opening ceremony. If I’m honest, rugby isn’t the one for me. The sheer amount of technical rules and constant stop start of the game is enough to confuse even the brainiest of brains. And to top it off, aren’t […]

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7 Weeks In, 45 to Go…

Whilst on the phone to my phone provider recently – because of course, only I could move into somewhere in the middle of London with absolutely no signal coverage – the voice of a cheery Irish man wooed at how lucky I was to be living in London at my age and what a brilliant opportunity […]

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