For many people, creativity and organisation are two extreme ends of a spectrum. Creative ideas seem to appear by chance, you hear a completely unconnected conversation and bam – the penny drops. That’s just how the creative process works isn’t it? Which means it’s completely normal for creative people to be totally disorganised, right?

WRONG! Here at All about the Idea we have been spending some valuable time dusting off the spreadsheets and delving into some of 2017’s top tools to make life easier for ourselves and our clients. And because we’re so nice we’ve compiled this handy little guide to show you some of the things that will help you …

First up we have Slack: a messaging, file sharing, video calling, to-do-list, project managing super hero app. In simple human terms Slack is a messaging app on steroids. Not only can you chat to members of your team directly or in groups (just like WhatsApp), Slack integrates dozens of other platforms under one roof such as Google Drive and Trello, allowing users to quickly share and edit documents and add things to each other’s work list. Have a random spark of ideas for that brief you and the team spoke about on Tuesday morning? Fling them into your Slack group and they will never be forgotten.

Trello example

Did you ring the photographer and tell him to arrive at 4pm instead of 6pm? Oh and did you raise that PO so you can get paid for the event you produced last Friday? I did – because I use Trello! If you don’t already know, Trello is a visual collaboration tool that organises your projects into boards, giving you an overview of what is being worked on, who’s working on it and when it needs to be done by. It is effectively a digital modern day version of the Kanban System developed by Toyota around 70 years ago – but I won’t go into that. Basically, it’s a pretty good tool to ensure nothing slips through the cracks while your creative minds are wandering off thinking of thinking of the next big idea…


So there’s a couple of new techy apps that will help your creative team stay organised, but we definitely can’t disregard a standard weekly meeting and a good old Excel spreadsheet. Monday Morning Meets – or MMMs as we call it – have rekindled in the AATI office. A quick 15 minute catch up can massively boost engagement, memory and interconnectedness. Studies have shown that we remember 70% of what we say, compared to just 10% of what we read – so it’s really important to simply get together and chat about the plans for the week.

And if you genuinely think you have a memory of a goldfish, excel spreadsheets prove the most handy of them all. Recently we have updated our venue logbook, budget template and project schedules. It’s almost as if we’re some freak of nature over organised robot! We’re still fun humans, I promise…

The point I’m trying to make is no matter how cool, fruitful and creative you think you are, it doesn’t mean you can’t be organised! In fact – you really should be.



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