(Virtually) No Calorie Cake!

Researchers at Project Nourished have created a guilt free dining experience (cue applause!) – With the help of virtual reality

The creative minds behind this innovative project have found a way to trick the mind and palate into thinking they are experiencing something completely different to what they are actually eating. Imagine experiencing the taste, smell and feel of chocolate – with zero guilt and virtually no calories – sounds pretty farfetched right?

Here’s the process behind the experience:

Using virtual reality headsets diners will see the food they think they are experiencing – the food they are actually eating will be 3D printed and made by using a form of gel made from certain low calorie foods like fruits, vegetables, algae and seaweed.


Aromatic diffusers are used during the experience to replicate the smell of the food

Even the utensil used to eat has an inbuilt food detection sensor which translates the diner’s movement into virtual reality!


The aim behind the project is to help individuals with allergies and intolerances to enjoy and experience food they usually cannot. The project has numerous applications including space food, weight loss and even connecting people from across the globe by allowing them to dine together!

For something along the virtual reality lines but a bit less sci-fi and a bit more calorific, head down to Immersive & Gunn at Ikigai.

The guys behind Oak Aged Innis & Gunn beer have teamed up with cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Jacob Joij to produce an hour long immersive drinking experience.

Virtual headsets are used to enhance the taste of Innis & Gunn’s new brews by immersing the drinker in a virtual reality world. You will be transported to the incredible landscapes and sounds of Scotland – which will change the way your brain interprets the signals from your taste buds


If that isn’t enough you can add to the experience with 2 small dishes designed to match the beer.

It all proves for a unique and tasty experience – at only £10 a ticket for 2 beers and the immersive experience and £20 for the whole package, it is definitely worth a trip! Find your tickets at Design My Night


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