C&IT Awards 2016

Late last Friday evening, All about the Idea giddily made their way towards the centre stage to collect our award for ‘Teambuilding Experience of the Year.’ But before we delve into the glitz and glamour of the evening, it is important to understand what led us to this moment.

Rewind to July 2015… Our ‘Rugby Ready’ roadshow for Coca-Cola had just begun, soon to be a great success. Between July and September 2015, the roadshow visited 11 locations across the country with multiple days at key sites. Coca-Cola and AATI created the roadshow to engage employees and offer in-depth explanation as to why Coca-Cola had decided to sponsor the Rugby World Cup 2015. Employees learnt about the benefits of sponsoring sporting events, why Coca-Cola had chosen rugby specifically, sponsorship as a business legacy and why the timing of sponsorship was so vital to the company.

The show was split into three zones, all designed to engage and entertain employees. Two different competitions came together to form the first of three zones. Employees had the opportunity to win tickets to the Rugby World Cup as well as the chance to win spot prizes through a shirt-signing session and ball throwing contest. Following on from the show, the signed shirts were framed and presented to the sites as a reminder of this important moment. An additional element to the first zone was to offer employees the chance to sign up to the company-wide Fantasy Rugby program, especially amongst factory-based employees who do not have access to a company computer.

The setting for our second zone was crucial to its success. The changing room is widely regarded as a location where sports men and women are told what to do. Therefore, we felt it was fitting to deliver a motivational talk comprising of the key messages in this setting. Surrounding the benches were the official shirts for all twenty of the competing nations of 2015’s Rugby World Cup. These were accompanied by stereotypical national hats of the teams to emphasise the variety of countries likely to visit the UK for the World Cup and the economic benefits that would arise as a result of this.

The third and final zone focused on team-building through the Haka. We had our own Haka specially written for us, revolving around how teamwork and hard work can lead to success. Twenty minutes into the session, employees were Haka experts which was demonstrated through performances which were filmed, shown to colleagues and then voted on for prizes.

So, how did all of this equate to the best ‘Teambuilding Experience of the Year’? The statistics tell all. More than 1,000 employees attended, which is the equivalent to 70% of the total available audience (note here that the event was not held during working hours). We also achieved a great mix of attendees, with 54% from Supply Chain and 46% from Commercial or Function, meaning we managed to connect and engage audiences spread across factory, office, field, home and support bases. Furthermore, of the 90% of employees who left feedback, 96% scored the event as very good or outstanding.

And after all of that, a whole year later, there we were practically skipping towards the stage to collect our very beautiful (and heavy) trophy. In fact, this is the second trophy we have collected in honour of this event. Our Rugby Ready roadshow also won ‘In-house Event of the Year’ at the 2015 UK Event Awards. All about the Idea had now earnt the right to celebrate literally twice as hard and we did just that.

For those of you who know our director Tom, you will be well aware of his favourite party trick: sabreing champagne. True to form, Tom did not disappoint and proceeded to use our trophy to sabre our champagne bottle. The rest of the evening was spent laughing, photo-boothing, celebrating and… drinking. Thank you C&IT Awards, we had a wonderful time and we hope to be back in 2017!




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