A Lidl Bit of Filming

From events, to social media, to PR, to filming – we’re not ones to brag, but is there anything AATI can’t do?

Our latest project involved three weeks of lights, camera and action for our favourite supermarket store, Lidl. With such huge international success and crazy, speedy growth, these guys can’t recruit fast enough! So what could be better than a super slick recruitment video from yours truly? Actually, make that three!

With Lidl stores all across Europe, we had slightly hoped that a trip to the head office in Germany was on the cards, but we said “Auf Wiedersehen“ to that and “Guten Morgen“ to Bingham in Nottinhamshire instead. Don’t be too quick to judge though, because Bingham is now home to one of the five swanky new Lidl stores in the UK – everything was so shiny!   So Bingham became our home for the next two weeks, where our mission was to create a Store Manager and Customer Assistant recruitment film that showed off all aspects of the job role. We had employees come from all over the country to take part in the film (admittedly most were unaware of what was actually in store for them).  Everybody did a fab job of repeating back script lines, while making sure their uniform was perfect, the store looked pristine and old Mrs Robinson didn’t knock over the ridiculously expensive camera kit as she reached for a loaf of granary – if that isn’t in the job description, it should be! Not ones to do things by halves, our camera crew came up with some exciting visuals and did a exemplary job of hiding their embarrassment as we wheeled the camera around in a trolley like a small child, time-lapsing like crazy and setting up shots in all corners of the store.

For our third and final week, we road tripped down to Northfleet in Kent, to film in the Regional Distribution Center, this time showcasing the Lidl warehouse role. Battling to be heard over the continuous beeping of the order pickers and pallet trucks, and amused at the fact that everybody seemed to be talking to imaginary people through their head sets, we set about to make our third and final film. Once again the Lidl talent was strong, reacting seamlessly to our directing demands, and sheepish requests of “great job, but could you just try that one more time”, after the 20th take!

All was going to plan until our big idea of sending the GoPro into the air on a reach truck backfired and it got stuck mid-ascent (note to self: definitely don’t send GoPro’s into the air on a reach truck). Luckily we were rescued by Aerial Republic the following day, who took over all sky high camera duties by using much better behaved equipment named ‘The Drone.’ After getting some seriously cool shots over the enormous warehouse roof, a quick trip into the freezer, and of course, a couple of trusty time lapses, we wrapped up and headed back to the office!

Good luck to the editing team who now have about 46,537,646 shots to cut down to a three minute long video and good luck to the rest of the crew losing the 7,456,553 pounds we put on stuffing our faces with the entirety of Lidl’s bakery for three weeks –  just too tasty to resist!

Remember to log on to www.lidlcareers.co.uk to check out the videos yourselves, and while you’re there, why not apply?



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