Table Rugby

The Rugby World Cup 2015 is nearly upon us as today starts the week of the opening ceremony. If I’m honest, rugby isn’t the one for me. The sheer amount of technical rules and constant stop start of the game is enough to confuse even the brainiest of brains. And to top it off, aren’t they using the wrong shaped ball?


Truth be told, as you might be able to tell, I’m much more of a football fan and have grown up watching the game with my Dad. But… that doesn’t mean I haven’t allowed the joys of rugby to flow through my football loving mind once or twice. My first rugby experience – and I won’t be offended for you thinking this was highly underserved – was the 2014 Six Nations match between Wales and Australia. Despite not particularly understanding the rules (Okay… I didn’t even know that ‘goals’ weren’t a thing in this game) and having to ask questions every time the whistle was blown, I did actually find that I was surprisingly enjoying myself!


The atmosphere was the main difference that I noticed, with Rugby fans acting far more civilised than the beer-bellied, foul-mouthed pitch-invading HOOLIGANS I like to call – my fellow West Ham fans… I remember phoning my dad after leaving the Millennium Stadium and saying ‘Dad, we sat in the same stand as the opposition and had a joke with them without a fight breaking out – what’s all that about?!’ That and the absence of football match scenarios such as a thousand claret and blue shirted men pointing towards a rather large girl who, regrettably, did bare an unfortunate resemblance to Matt Lucas whilst chanting ‘There’s only 1 Vicky Pollard!’ No… Rugby is far more sophisticated and even whilst competition is high, and cheers are loud, the rugby fan base have got it right!

Fans aside for a moment, hats off to the rugby players themselves who battle through an 80 minute game with injuries I would be bed bound for months with! Like the saying goes ‘Footballers use tape to strap their shin pads on… rugby players use tape to strap their ears on!’ That’s why, when the opportunity arose at All About the Idea to support UKSCF – a charity known for their work in helping the lives of rugby players who’ve suffered from traumatic injuries – it was a no brainer that this was a charity that deserved our fabulously creative help. And with that came the gem that is… Table Rugby!

UKSCF logo

Some of you may have fond memories of this from back in your school days, where the thrill of pushing a coin from one end of the table to another, aiming to get half the coin hanging off the edge of the table, was the highlight of 1st period Religious Education with Mr McSweaty (not his real name of course, but when you’re called something similar and sweat a lot you can understand the reasoning!)

In case you were one of the hardworking pupils at the front of the class, blissfully unaware there was anything else going on in class besides the actual lesson, the best call of action would be to visit the official website where everything is explained to you and you will be a pro in no time.

What’s so brilliant about table rugby is that anyone, anywhere can play. All you need is a table and a coin. Whilst it’s important to remember that there are official WTRA playing coins (subtle hint into directing you towards our merchandise) a 2p coin will suffice if not. The rules are so simple, even my anti-rugby-rules mind can cope with them – especially since I now know a conversion is worth…. Wait, is it 3 points or 5?


The World Table Rugby Association are encouraging people all over the country to take part in their own tournaments to fundraise for a good cause. £1 from your lovely selves to take part is all we’re asking and there’s no excuse because even I can manage that – a student, paying extortionate London rent with a new found love for Froyo. Even better, if your tournament manages to raise over £50 the winner gets to go through to the Championships on the 1st November where you could be crowned, the one, the only, Table Rugby World Champion.

Whether it be in the office at lunch time, or the pub on a Saturday night, Table Rugby is a fun, simple way to fundraise for a fantastic cause. Go on, get a team together and give it a try (pun most definitely intended!)

Table rugby needs you



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