7 Weeks In, 45 to Go…


Whilst on the phone to my phone provider recently – because of course, only I could move into somewhere in the middle of London with absolutely no signal coverage – the voice of a cheery Irish man wooed at how lucky I was to be living in London at my age and what a brilliant opportunity it would be. Fair play to him – he isn’t the only one to have pointed this out (although, how he reckons that’s possible in this day and age with no signal or internet is beyond me!) An internship at a top creative London Company like All About the Idea is exactly what I wanted for my university placement year and with 7 weeks having already whizzed by in a flash, I have no doubt that this year will go by ridiculously quickly. Quicker I’d say, than a box of biscuits last on the AATI desk!

So far, I’m loving my time here, but the contrast from university life to the working world is something no one seemed to gently warn me of before I started! I’ve always heard the grown-up working world saying that they ‘live for the weekend’ but I’ve never really understood this. Sure, weekends are great, but at uni every night can feel like a Saturday night so what’s the big deal? Suddenly, 7 weeks in and my routine is all, dinner at 7, bed by 11 and ‘no sorry I can’t, I have to wash my hair tonight so I can have an extra 15 minute lay in tomorrow!’ What has my 20 year-old self become?!

Washing Hair

Something else that no one warned me of, is the dreaded London commute in rush hour. The tube – or to make things even worse, the central line (queue the sympathetic groans) – at 5:30pm is most definitely not my favourite place to be! With barely any room to move and suited up sweaty strangers being far too much in my personal space, I’ve complained to far too many people how much I dislike it already. Normally this is answered with a grimacing nod and low mutter of ‘I know, commuting is terrible’ before I tell them I only actually have to survive it for a mere 4 stops and for some reason, suddenly no one is as sympathetic anymore!


Needless to say however, the Events world is brilliant! Who could say that one day at work they’re sourcing dog piñatas and the next, getting the office involved in Table Rugby by taking everyone to the pub to have a game? From emailing the Extreme Ironing club, to booking Fire Eaters and iPad Magicians to even rowing down the Thames and stopping off for a 3 course meal – I don’t see what everyone’s complaining about? Work life is great!


The office is a world that I’m gradually adapting to as well! Once I return home, the absence of constant phones ringing and the tapping of keyboards now makes me feel a little uneasy! Silence, I’ve realised, is not something that occurs often in London! Despite a few embarrassing phone call mistakes and the occasional ‘reply to all’ email blunder, office life is quite chilled. That’s if you don’t count the crazy surge of people manically rushing towards the kitchen at 5pm on Friday. Because we all know that can only mean one thing… The drinks trolley has arrived!


It’s safe to say I’m really looking forward to what the rest of the year can bring and if it’s anything like the past 7 weeks – I’m sure in for a fun ride! Thanks for having me so far, All About the Idea, and with 7 weeks down, here’s to the next 45!



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