Farewell for now

If I had to sum up my time at All About The Idea in three words it would be exhilarating, busy and hilarious. I have enjoyed every moment but here are a few of my favourites:

  • Calling ‘GO SHOW’ at our latest Lidl event through my Comms set.
  • Playing dress up on a factory tour at Coca-Cola in a white professor-style coat, hard hat, hair net, ear plugs and special shoes and seeing exactly how Capri-Suns are made!
  • Having the happiest afternoon ever creating 8 ‘happy and uplifting’ playlists for a Lidl event.
  • Watching teams try all sorts of ridiculous tactics to try and build the tallest tower out of straws which would support their Crème Egg at our City of London event.
  • Working right in the heart of the city.
  • Indulging in fat burritos from Burrito Mama and buying a cookie for pudding from the Friday market in One New Change.
  • Creating social media content for our client, Ora and managing to get glitter glue involved in just about everything.
  • My first real life pitch.
  • The 5pm Friday drinks trolley in our office.
  • Discovering the Riffsy app.

Farewell for now!

Em x


Rugby World Cup055



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