The swish, the steamy and the squidgy

It is no secret that consumers are now actively seeking something different to the reclining seats and Frozen Fanta Fruit Twist experience when it comes to cinemas and here at AATI we are no different. Over the last few months we have been trialling various cinema experiences to see which one comes out on top and today we’d like to share three of our experiences with you.

The Electric Cinema, Hot Tub Cinema and Pillow Cinema are all great ideas and definitely worth a visit.

First things first, to make the most of The Electric Cinema, it is important that you visit the Portobello based venue and splash the cash by booking a front row bed. In doing so, you will be treated to the luxury that is featured in the photo below.

Cinema Bed

Electric cinema

Secondly, it is absolutely essential that you get the nachos with homemade guacamole and sweet potato dip. Yum! Nestled under your cashmere blanket with a glass of wine in hand, it is easy to forget that you’re there to watch a film. However, The Electric definitely attracts a far more refined crowd than the likes of Hot Tub Cinema.

Ah, Hot Tub Cinema, what a night you provided. Set upon a rooftop in Shoreditch during the summer season, this is a night that is most definitely not just about the film. Rather, the film provides more of a background to the socialising and drinking.

Upon arrival you will be led upstairs to makeshift changings rooms to strip off and slip into your swimwear! You then climb up further to make your way to your tub. As most people don’t have big enough groups to fill a whole tub, it is likely you will be sharing with strangers. However, as everyone is in the same boat… or hot tub rather, this is not as awkward as you might think. Reasonably priced drinks and food are served direct to your tub, the staff are lively and the music carries on after the well after the end credits have rolled, late into the night, by which point everyone may or may not be drunkenly hot tub ‘hopping’ and dancing. Well worth a visit!

Hot tub 1

Hot tub 2

This then leads us onto the baby of Hot Tub Cinema, Pillow Cinema! Set in the old Shoreditch Underground Station, this pop-up cinema experience is far less luxurious than the Electric Cinema but is still nevertheless, a great idea and experience. The Pillow Cinema serves as a happy medium for those who are looking for a more sociable night than the Electric Cinema, but are still bothered about being able to hear (and view) the film, unlike Hot Tub Cinema.

Alcohol, popcorn and hot dogs are served from a quirky, very East-London-looking bar and pillows are set with cosy blankets. A pillow is big enough for two, so again it’s best to go with someone you aren’t afraid to cosy up to. To clear up any rumours, you most certainly are allowed entry without bringing your own pillow!

This is a much more laidback atmosphere than Hot Tub Cinema and you are welcome to hang around afterwards for an extra drink but it certainly does not transform into the full on rave that its senior Hot Tub Cinema does.

pillow cinema 1

pillow cinema 2

To conclude, if you’re at a loose end one weekend we would definitely recommend visiting any of the three. Each of them provide a unique experience and none of them set us back much more than a ticket at the local Odeon would have.

Happy Friday!

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