How to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Breakfast

The tradition of Valentine’s Day originated in ancient Rome, when on the 13th, 14th and 15th of February, young men would strip naked and use goatskin whips to spank the backsides of women, a ritual then alleged to improve female fertility. This tradition seems a far cry from those practiced on the Valentine’s Day we know today, in the run up to which ladies and gentlemen alike get their knickers in a twist over finding the perfect gift for their other half. If you’re amongst the panicked, then fear not; All about the Idea has done the thinking for you this year.

In our offices we don’t just produce great ideas; we also appreciate them, so we’ve gathered a few of our favourites to help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day. We firmly believe that Valentine’s Day isn’t all about fancy presents; it’s also about spending quality time with your loved one; so this year we’ve decided to focus on one of our favourite things: breakfast.

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Saturday, which means there’s plenty of time to prepare a delicious breakkie. Handmade touches can always help give your Valentine’s Day that personal finish, and breakfast is no exception. The first and most obvious place to add in these special touches is to the breakfast table. See our favourite idea below:

XO hanging decoration

If you struggle with drawing, don’t worry; the internet is teaming with templates for the X and O’s and you can now get your photos printed for as little as a few pennies at big supermarkets such as Tesco. If you don’t have a ladder hanging over your table (we certainly don’t), then try using longer pieces of string and taping these to your ceiling. As for the place setting, we absolutely love this bow and arrow idea:

Bow Arrow

For this you’ll need: lollipop sticks; ear buds; white string; nice string; felt tips; napkins; scissors and a knife. First, soak the lollipop sticks in water for 2 hours. Take the sticks out of the water and make 4 incisions; 2 on each side at the ends (to act as hooks for the string). Whilst the stick is still wet, bend it into shape and wrap the string around each end to hold it in place. Once the stick has dried, unwrap the string and decorate your mini bow using felt tips. Next, take a new dry piece of string and wrap it round each tightly, knotting it after every few wraps. To make the arrows, cut one of the cotton buds off of your ear buds and decorate this end using the felt tips. Tie the arrows together with a nice piece of string. Finally, write one of the following three messages onto the napkin to be used for the place setting: “I’d like to be your “beau!”; “I’m aiming for you, Valentine!”, or “Love struck!”

In addition to this and your hanging decorations, we’d recommend you decorate the table with flowers and pretty crockery. Even just by using clean, simple white plates and silver, properly-polished knives and forks, the appearance of a table can be improved. Flowers can be understated as in the image below. Mason Jars are available from as little as £3.00 in John Lewis or online; and these flowers won’t set you back much if bought from a local florist. Et voilà, your table is set!

Mason jar 1

Now we’re not sure about you, but our first move at Saturday morning breakfasts is a good cup of tea. Whether it’s English Breakfast or Earl Grey, you can transform your cup of tea by removing the branded tea bag tag and replacing it with a cute little heart message as below:

tea pot

Once your lover’s thirst is quenched, you’ll need to come up with a romantic solution to their rumbling tummy. Pancakes are a simple and delicious breakfast option; simply follow an ‘American-style pancake’ recipe online and cut them into whatever heartfelt shape you desire. At All about the Idea we love a theme, so to complement the X and O’s hung above the table, we’d present our lover with a plate of the following:


If you and your lover are chocolate fans, then Selfridges and Nutella can help to further enhance your Valentine’s breakfast. For just £3.99 you can personalise a jar of Nutella with a message of up to 9 characters (in-store only).  Who wouldn’t want this at their breakfast table?!


We realise you’re all very busy people, so if you really don’t have the time to prepare the above; or if your culinary skills are so terrible that you’re incapable of making pancakes, then we propose an alternative breakfast idea for you. The Brew at Putney provides a fantastic ‘breakfast in bed’ date without your having to lift a finger. For £100 you can cuddle up on one of these beds while enjoying the luxury of champagne, served to you by a personal waiter. The menu features delights such as chorizo-folded eggs and treacle-cured bacon sandwiches – yum!

the brew

Best of luck!

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