Getting Twitter Responses Right

So, if you are responsible for a client’s social media and someone on Twitter, Facebook or wherever questions something you’ve put out there, before you respond always get a colleague to sense-check what you are saying.

Just Eat ran a funny ad in this morning’s Metro about parents of toddlers getting an easier life because their babies would sleep an hour longer this weekend since the clocks are going back. The sentiment of the ad was nice – if the kids sleep longer you can get a takeaway and party harder on Saturday night. This would be nice if it were true but, as we parents know it isn’t.

So, I thought I would tweet about it.


Notice I didn’t @ Just Eat, so I didn’t expect a reply. Now, the social team at Just Eat did reply so top marks for monitoring #s. Sadly, that’s where the good social media practice ends.

I got a reply explaining that because the clocks go back, my kids will go to sleep an hour earlier so I can bank my hour for the next day:


Parents will understand the stupidity of this. But, just to explain. My daughters go to sleep at about 730pm. The clocks don’t go back until after midnight. If anybody thinks I am going to talk a 3 year old and a 19 month old into going to bet at 630pm (the hour earlier I can apparently bank) well, tell me how and I’ll try it.

Here’s my reply:


It’s a shame that the Just Eat social media team didn’t think about what they were typing before they responded. They could have made light of the situation – maybe a light hearted twist on how when the clocks go forward again, I’ll get my hour back as it will actually be 8.30am but my kids will think it’s only 7.30am. So for parents of toddlers, our extra hour happens when everybody else is losing an hour – hey Just Eat, you can have that for free.

Note to social media teams, it’s good to respond to people, especially to those who weren’t expecting a response, but please make sure the response you send makes sense and is relevant.

Nick Southall is an Associate Director at All about the Idea looking after the Consumer PR and Social Media business. You can see more of his random Twitter talk here




One thought on “Getting Twitter Responses Right

  1. As a mum, I totally get what Just Eat are saying. My boys will likely be awake at 6am on Sunday, but will go to bed like a dream by 7pm latest.


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