How to connect 2 completely unrelated things…

dollyparton_2773540b As my final 9 to 5 week at Truth draws to a close and I look forward to being reunited with my colleagues in Gresham Street, the immortal words of Jolene singer Dolly Parton, Here You Come Again spring to mind.

Or perhaps that has something to do with the extraordinarily wonderful news that the epic country singer has been confirmed to play at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

I feel so glad that I’ve been able to experience this side of the business and understand not only how ‘insights’ feeds its brothers, ‘media relations’ and ‘consumer engagement’, but also of what it comprises; culture, semiotics, qualitative and quantitative research, consultative client workshops and everyday stories.

Everything is Beautiful (in its own way), and no truer is that than of the cultural diversity, intrigue and inspiration that comes from the big wide world and can, if we know how to look at it, help us to inform our clients.

I joked about being ‘a mole’ in the beginning, but actually I never wanted to be The Great Pretender. I only wanted to learn from and share with Truth, openly and in such a way as would encourage a mutually beneficial, ongoing atmosphere of free-flowing conversation, knowledge sharing and being part of the same team.

Truth – of course – I Will Always Love You, but my time here is up. I guess I am Starting Over Again, but this is by no means the end. Far from being a D.I.V.O.R.C.E, I’ve been party to so much collaborative thinking in the past 5 weeks that I’d be a Heartbreaker not to maintain it beyond the parameters of this secondment. Love Is Like A Butterfly – it must be nurtured and treated gently – so too is the relationship between different parts of a growing business.

I will be returning to see Truth In The Ghetto to continue what I’ve started because of course, with the office move, we’re now only Two Doors Down.

Finally, for those of you paying attention, yes I did manage to write into this post 12 of the song titles on Dolly Parton’s ‘Gold’ greatest hits. Well, it is topical…

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