#FeelFree: Ride100


The first in our #FeelFree series comes from Lloydy, our superstar Creative. Don’t forget to tell us what you do to feel free to have have ideas when you’re stuck in a creative rut. We’re on Twitter @allabouttheidea and Facebook. Take it away Lloyd…

Let’s cast our minds back… Mid 2013 and I had the chance to apply for the 2014 Ride100 London event, so I and 80,000 others applied with every finger crossed that we could secure a place through the ballot.

Time passed and to be honest I forgot all about it, then one morning the post arrives with an envelope marked with the Prudential logo. My first thoughts were “I don’t bank with Pru”, then as I opened the envelope and read the words “Application Successful” my thoughts immediately went to Box Hill!

I’d been successful in securing a place on the 100 mile bike ride, starting at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday 10th August, riding out to Surrey before returning and finishing on the Mall; the same epic cycle I had seen my friend Alex complete last year.

This will be the longest distance I have ever ridden in one go and training starts now: riding to work, riding to visit friends, pretty much riding everywhere I go. If you see me and I’m not on my bike, shout at me, chuck me on that bike and send me on my way!

To ride the same course as the athletes did in 2012 and to start at the Olympic Stadium will be amazing, as it’s what inspired me to get into road cycling in the first place. And to complete the course will be my best achievement on 2 wheels to date.

I find cycling therapeutic and it helps me clear my mind, and even on the odd occasion it helps me to come up with ideas and solutions for projects I am working on. Only problem is I have to try and remember them when I get home! If only there were a way of logging inspiration as it comes to you on the road – I see a new idea developing here…

I wouldn’t call myself a pro – far from it – but by being a cyclist, I have found myself in a community that helps, advises and encourages others. The common love of cycling brings a comaraderie to the experience. You see this in full effect when you’re out on a ride and every cyclist you encounter says “good morning” or warns you of any obstacles ahead.

Cycling has become an important creative activity for me and to raise money for a good cause while doing it makes it even more worthwhile. If you want to keep up with my training, follow my personal blog or catch up here through AATI. And if you wish to make a donation towards my efforts please visit: http://www.justgiving.com/lloyd-osagie

See you on the road!


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