How do you #FeelFree?


Hello Idea-ites and happy hump day! We’re coming to you this fine February with fresh vim and vigour and a new notion to bring you creative, inspirational blog posts for the rest of the year. Lead by example – that’s what they say – so that’s what we shall do. Just think of us as your creative fairy godmothers. Whenever you need a pick me up, a distraction from the tedium of being desk bound, or a niggle of a nugget of a gem of an idea, we’re here for you. It’s all about feeling FREE; free to be creative.

A quick search of #feelfree on Twitter will reveal the tiny but potentially life changing experiences, quirks and suggestions that give people an edge…

@KeelerNatasha Finally figured out why I couldn’t get to sleep… My socks were still on #offnow #feelfree

@LauraRachelleKr Being out of Norfolk >> #feelfree

@emily_stclair Who gets out of the shower and just chills on your bed naked? #noshame #feelfree

Here at the Big Ideas Blog HQ, we all have fun and interesting hobbies that we need to make time for outside of the office. Putting yourself into different environments, seeing new people and getting the blood pumping around your body are just a few ways to ensure that you don’t get stuck in an inspiration rut.

So, we’re putting our money where our mouth is: The Big Ideas Blog, starting now, will bring to you regular examples of how each of us is getting out and about, opening our doors and our minds, giving ourselves the freedom to break loose of old habits and produce new ideas. How do you do it? #Feelfree people, #feelfree.


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