Newbie on the block..



Hello trusty readers. As you will probably have gathered from previous posts by our resident blogger Jo Furnival, All About The Idea has appointed a new Account Executive in the form of Alice Mitchell (me).

So here I am – the newbie, writing as your host correspondent to give you the low-down on my new role and what it is like to join the AATI pod on their momentous last week in the Royal Mint Court offices. For, as I’m sure you are aware – next week we will be moving to brand spanking new offices on Gresham Street. So as you can imagine it’s a rather exciting time to join the group and there is a discernible hum of excitement in the air.

Despite all this historic change under way, I am pleased to find that the All About The Idea faces remain the same, and that they are still all totally awesome.

I guess on reflection you could say I’m a semi-newbie, having last year done some work experience with the company for a couple of months. I’m thrilled to be back permanently and everyone has made me feel really welcome and part of the team.

The team is not wholly complete however without our Account Manager Jo, who has been seconded to another part of the business called Truth. While we at AATI will miss her dearly for the month during which she is away, this will also be a grand opportunity for her to gain a wealth of knowledge in – to quote her directly – “storytelling from a research perspective, brand experiences and getting under the skin of the man in the street.” Her temporary departure will also allow me to try my hand at blogging (go easy on me) and managing some social media content in her absence.

So…going back to being a (semi)newbie….

Coming back to the team I am pleased to learn that we are currently working on some exciting new communications campaigns. My role is diverse and spans from event planning to working across various social media platforms. So far I have been receiving all the basic training, as well as accompanying members of the team on a few client visits to get me up to speed with what is going on. So all in all it has been a great first two weeks!

To be honest… it doesn’t feel like I have started a new job, but rather have returned to one after a long secondment elsewhere (to be more specific, in the rather less exciting world of recruitment).

This time round however, I have a whole new load of stimulating responsibility with huge scope for creative input. I’ll let you know how it goes.

That’s all from me for now!

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