The newbie and the mole


We have some exciting news to report. No we aren’t hosting a BBQ in an underwater cave (not yet anyway…) We are however welcoming a new member to our team!

Introducing Alice Mitchell, whose face some of you may recognise from last year’s blog post about a recent large scale live event, which she helped us to put together. Alice will be joining us full time on the AATI pod, which by the way is soon to move to swanky new offices, helping out across a range of accounts in social media and large scale live events. Click here to see what we’ve done lately.

Just as one chair is filled, another is left empty – but only for a month, as long term team member and Blog Editor Jo is off to pastures new at strategic insights business and sister company, Truth, to learn more about storytelling from a research perspective, brand experiences and getting under the skin of the man in the street.

Excited about the move, Jo said, “For a while now, I’ve been keen to explore the crossover between Truth and All about the Idea in terms of consumer touch points, online conversations, trends and the importance of a brand’s environment, which is all of relevance to my own clients. I’ll be soaking up as much information as I can!”

Don’t worry Idea-ites, Jo will be blogging about her experiences and new insights right here, so keep an eye out for the latest news and views.


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