Team 60 second update


Hello Idea-ites and Happy New Year! (Why is ‘happy new year’ always written with capitalised first letters? Anyway, I digress…)

We trust that you have rested on your laurels, refuelled your creative muscles and sourced inspiration from places high and low over the holiday. We certainly have! Here’s a 60 second update from the team:

DTH celebrated the festive season in style with a glass or two of champers. Then he went back to the supermarket in question and asked them exactly how many crates he could take off their hands.

THTH hasn’t seen any polar bears this Christmas, but he has exhibited his own work at an art show.

Lloydy went to the Darts World Championships dressed as a pirate and got loads of coverage on Sky Sports – check out the photo on our Facebook page!

Nick wasn’t on Sky Sports. However, he put a bird inside a bird inside a bird, then cooked it.

Last but not least, Josie Jo was travelling in Northern India, which is where she came across the above !dea sign. It would seem that big ideas are everywhere you look… Read about her journeys, discoveries, do’s and dont’s at adventure blog, Feral Beryl Travels.

And that’s not all. Change is afoot here at AATI, including the introduction of a new member of the team, a fresh start in a shiny new office and an ‘old dog’ learns new tricks… so check back to find out what’s going down – exciting times!


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