Father Christmas, without a beard? #GiftOfInnovation

Social Secret Santa

For those that hate it, Secret Santa is something that crosses our paths at this time of year, like a smelly, 3 legged cat with a dodgy meow and an unhealthy following of fleas.

But for the rest of us, it’s a chance to be thoroughly amusing, creative and/or offensive and all in the spirit of Christmas giving!

So, when the guys at Philips told us about their Social Secret Santa service, to give away a selection of gifts through its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, this blogger was keen to know more. The big idea is that users have the opportunity to give someone they love a gift “that could make them happier” every day.

To take part, users simply visit the page and tag a friend that they think deserves a gift using #GiftOfInnovation, with a short explanation as to why they deserve it, and they could be gifted a Philips product worth up to $2000.

Fancy that – a hashtag that means someone I love could get a Philips Beardtrimmer! If that doesn’t say ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, then I don’t know what does. Course, things could get a little interesting if Santa himself decided he’d quite like that particular present. Just think; Father Christmas, without a beard. That would be like a polar bear without a bottle of Coke, or the Grinch with skin coloured skin…

I digress. For more information and to get involved, head over to http://www.philips.com/e/giftofinnovation/home.html.


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