What did Twitter #askGaryBarlow


Ahhhh, what a joy: Settling into an evening of personal admin (my favourite – NOT), idly keeping an eye on Twitter and what should pique my interest but the following tweet:

#askGaryBarlow Your surname is an anagram of ‘War lab” Are you making experimental chemical weapons? WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT GARY?

YESSSSSS!! It’s another Q&A in the Twitter Wild West! This time it involves a celebrity and I’m just in time to get a front row seat and watch the creativity and colourful language unravel like an extraordinarily large and mischievous octopus might toy with its prey before it gives in, exhausted by the cat & mouse torture of being tossed from tentacle to tentacle, each a 140 character put-down more ridiculous than the last.

And as David Attenborough might comment on such a display of brutality in nature, so I sigh and whisper, ‘And so, as the victim of this cruel game, dominated by our pack of hunters, becomes overwhelmed by its predators, all that is left is the hollowness of retreat, battered and bruised, picked clean, but alive to see another day.’

Here are some of my personal favourites:

#askGaryBarlow Hi Gary, do you ever lay in your bed, under the duvet, with your arms tight by your side and pretend you’re a carrot?

#askGaryBarlow would you rather to stop at every red light for the rest of your life or have a magnetic head?

#askGaryBarlow wat is the matter with ur eyebrow

#askGaryBarlow What Pantone colour was Jason Orange? Was he 021C?

Click on the hashtag and enjoy the show Idea-ites!

*All about the Idea does not condone trolling or cyber bullying, but does find some silly questions to celebrities fairly amusing*

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