Happy Hallowe’en!

Just in case any of you are in a panic over what to wear tonight, how to keep the children occupied over the weekend, or how to use up a stack of Ora kitchen towel, we are here to help.

The above video actually features our very own Jo Furnival, as she’s a dab hand with scissors. And face paint. Is there no end to this girl’s creativity – ha! (I know you all know I’m writing this, but let’s keep up the pretense.)

If Hallowe’en doesn’t float your boat, you’re bound to want to stick a mildly terrified, or maybe proud and mocking face on the Guy Fawkes you’re sure to be burning in the not too distant future, so why not save yourself the bother of cutting the corners off a piece of A4 and do it Ora style?

Share your creations with them on their Facebook page (the best are featured) and look out for the Ora Christmas decorations how-to video coming soon (yes, really, it comes around sooner than you think)!


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