Not one, not two, but THREE awards nominations for AatI


Happy Friday all! And with all great Fridays comes good news. As the headline indicates, we have been nominated for THREE awards for our recent work for one of our favourite clients, TalkTalk.

For the second year in a row, in conjunction with Juice Live Communications, we devised and delivered their AllHands event, a 3000 person delegate show for all TalkTalk employees and partners. The pressure was on to ensure the 2013 experience was even better, but in the same venue and with the same budget.

By creating a new entrance on the other side of the building, the venue was made to feel totally different to last year. And when they were tired and stiff from their journey getting there, we led attendees straight into the Watercooler, which was a relaxed environment in which they could grab a drink, meet business priority leaders plus CEO Dido Harding and catch up with friends and colleagues.

After Claudia Winkleman & Dido showed people into the main Arena, delegates were greeted by a 30 metre wide kabooki, which hid a floor screen of the same width, book-ended by two 11 metre wide side screens. When the kabooki dropped, the seated audience realised that the other half of the show attendees were seated across from them! Then the show started; Dido ran onto the giant floor screen, which came to life with animation interacting with her and moving across the floor up the side screens. It was like “walking on a giant iPad” said Sir Charles Dunstone, TalkTalk’s Chairman.

TalkTalk’s employees then learned in great detail about the company’s key business priorities in the Carnival, which was a moving celebration of TalkTalk but conveying serious points about where the company was and where it wanted to be. Each float had a different theme, so the audience was engaged with sometimes quite complex corporate topics via relevant and easy to understand metaphors.

A hot lunch, an awards ceremony and a party meant that everyone was always having a good time, which most of you will know is very important to us here at All about the Idea. And the comments received from the show attendees about the event were so positive that ROI exceeded the high bar that we set in 2012. And now the event has been deemed impressive enough to be considered for awards in Best Conference (Eventia), Conference of the Year and Corporate Event of the Year (UK Event Awards). Wish us luck!

For TalkTalk AllHands 2012 and 2013, All about the Idea worked closely with senior members of the client team to develop the messaging and creative for the Carnival. We devised an overall event concept and flow, produced a global film shoot and created wide format animated film content that pushed the boundaries of technical possibilities, plus generally added the sparkle that takes an event from the expected to extraordinary. Visit for more info.


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