Trick or treat? Or how about kicking some zombie ass?

If you thought Punchdrunk‘s immersive theatre was full on, think again. This is Zombie Boot Camp.

In the organisers’ own words, Zombie Boot Camp is a real action event based on a perceived realistic setting, with a convincing story line. The scenario puts you in the front line in tackling the threat of a zombie outbreak in the UK.

Participants will be thrown into “one of the most insane experiences of their lives”. They will have to deploy by vehicle to the gates of the ‘Parasol Research facility’, where all hell has broken out, grab a riot shield, form a base line and clear the purpose built zombie infested compound.

This is one of those instances where the pictures (video) are worth so much more than my words, so check it out. WARNING, the website states that this event is for “the real horror fan or adrenaline junkie”.

Could there be a better idea for Hallowe’en fun? (Apart from making Ora Soul Cookies…)


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