Baking with Ora goes live (and scary)

Ora, the round kitchen towel, which we launched to the UK lifestyle media and mum blogs network nearly a year ago when it was introduced to market in around 30 Tesco stores, is now available in over 100 stores nationwide. To celebrate this, and to add a little special Ora something to the baking fever that has swept the nation, we’ve put together a few Baking with Ora videos, showcasing traditional recipes with an interesting twist – just like the product is a new take on conventional kitchen roll.

Here’s the first one in the series, just in time for Hallowe’en and trick or treating with the kids. Did you know that the holiday custom originated in Medieval Britain when children and the poor went around knocking on doors begging for Soul Cakes? Ora’s modern day cookie version is super quick and easy to make AND unbelievably delicious – bound to be a hit with kids (and big kids alike)!

If you subscribe to Ora’s channel, you can expect more where this came from, including a Christmas and Valentine’s Day special. We love to #BakeWithOra. Use a sheet to weigh your butter, grease the tin and obviously clean up afterwards. Oh and what’s more? It’s National Baking Week this week, so get involved in the kitchen, don the oven gloves and grab a stack of Ora – click here to find a store near you – and post your baking achievements, experiments and ideas to their Facebook page. (Or Twitter.) You never know, you could be featured!


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