The power of digital

As a consumer focussed communications consultancy, we believe very strongly in the power of the consumer here at All about the Idea and the strength of digital and social in providing consumers with that power.

Let me give you an example. Imagine if you were a cyclist, doing your bit to save the planet and lower your carbon footprint. On your ride to work, you detour from the designated cycling lane to avoid crashing into the lorry that’s parked in it. You’re then stopped by a police officer and given a ticket for cycling not in the cycling lane.

Scenario from a parallel universe where common sense is replaced with absurdity? No. Well, yes if that land is the USA. This is the story of Casey Neistat. And what he does to fight back (watch the video above) is both brilliant and painful, as well as an excellent example of how the age of digital is able to place power squarely in the hands of us everyday consumers.

The age of technology gave us camera equipment and smartphones, the age of digital gave us the internet and increased connectivity, the age of social gave us the enhanced ability to share and crowd source. In the case of All about the Cause, if not Casey Neistat, it also has the power to affect change. When a thing means something to enough people and is shared to the point where it reaches that critical mass of so many voices coming together such that they can’t all be ignored, that is an extremely powerful thing. I’m not sure it’s possible in this day and age to say, ‘I’m only one person, what can I do??’ Not when it’s so easy to join forces with others to make something happen.


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