Make Space Not Stress with WeStore


For those of you that have followed the Big Ideas Blog for a while now, you may remember Henry. He was our Creative and a big ideas merchant for many years until he had an idea that was too good not to pursue, so he left us to follow his dream and make his idea a reality (*sob*).

The result was WeStore, a self-storage solution with a difference. Unlike Big Yellow and other storage companies, WeStore does all the hard work for you. So, they send you the boxes in which to pack away your things, they collect the filled boxes from you and then they take them away to store for as long as you need.

And because you pack your things in their boxes, you don’t end up paying for storage space you don’t need, so you can spend the extra on a chocolate brownie to congratulate yourself on your smart saving.

So, if you can identify with the current B&Q ads that encourage you to focus on your unloved rooms, or you wake up in the night ‘cos the slow cooker has fallen off the end of your bed with a crash, we reckon you, like the millions of other hoarders in the UK, need more space. WeStore has just gone live, so visit the website and take a look around – you heard it here first!

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