Be opportunistic: Why wouldn’t you??

early bird

So, as you know, since the launch of All about the Cause for Social Media Week, we have been delving into the world of charitable ventures and political lobbying. Along the way, we have reached out to individuals and institutions inviting them to be involved in our initiative to use social media as a force for good. The interesting thing from where I’m standing is seeing who are the ones that ‘hear you, but aren’t listening’, do nothing, hit delete and/or subscribe to TL;DR in comparison to those that open their minds just that little bit wider to make room for the possibility that not only is this a good thing to do from a moral standpoint, but also from a business one.

Something that we commit to here at All about the Idea and advise our clients to adopt in their approach to communications is being opportunistic. Here’s a tip: Next time you hear that AatI’s Director Tom is going to be talking creative marketing somewhere, get yourself down there and set up camp on the front row because he’ll often open with the words ‘Who here is opportunistic?’ and a £20 note held out in his hand. You’d be amazed at the amount of people in the room that remain in their chairs. It’s clear who is the ‘wheat’ and who is the ‘chaff’.

The same applies to brands. So, when HTC wanted to position themselves as cutting edge to a young, social savvy audience, we persuaded them to grab the opportunity to join UK rock band Falling Red on tour with US glam rockers Steel Panther, which was only 2 days away, and film exclusive behind the scenes footage using their latest devices. Their quick willingness to trust the opportunity presented to them meant that we were able to create for them a fun, shareable film that notched up over 40,000 hits in 2 weeks.

When YouTuber and lifestyle blogger Gemma Tomlinson agreed to be a Social Celebrity Change-Maker for All about the Cause, I was tasked with finding her a bed for the night. A quick tweet and an email later, we had a hotel sponsor. citizenM Hotels‘ logo was applied to all printed literature at both events, bumpered on all videos and is on the website to which all campaign activity points, which makes it therefore an association that visible to all supporters including David Baddiel and Rob da Bank. There’s also the fact that Gemma’s over 80,000 YouTube subscribers are likely to hear of her stay at the hotel… Smart move, citizenM!

Similarly, printing company hobs reprographics agreed to be All about the Cause’s official print supplier providing their company with similar levels of exposure via association.

It’s about making connections – I’m sure our panellists would agree. An actor, a DJ, an adult entertainer, a journalist, a media commentator and a blogger, now all connected when once they weren’t. How is that ever going to be a bad thing? Who knows what unexpected good could come of it if not now, but months maybe even years down the line? I guess my point is this – people, brands: Be opportunistic, ‘cos well, why wouldn’t you??

Photo credit: Early bird catching the worm…

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