All about the Cause: What’s happened so far


And so, with only 2 weeks to go until the launch event of All about the Cause, here are some of the highlights thus far…

On August 22nd, we received our first #CAUSE2013 suggestion via the Facebook page:

Suggestion for A Cause. Mental health support for young people, especially those leaving home for the first time. More work to ban suicide chat rooms and videos like the one originally posted on YouTube which showed how to make an Exit Bag.

On 28th August, Meetings & Incentive Travel covered All about the Cause in their online magazine – you can read the article here.

On 30th August, male suicide charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) got wind of All about the Cause and encouraged their 4,842 followers to nominate using #CAUSE2013.

That same day, XFM DJ Eddy Temple Morris tweeted to his 11,320 followers to support All about the Cause and so did Fatboy Slim’s Producer of the Year, Sonny Wharton, to his 11,032 strong following. DJQ did the same to his Twitter fan base of 12,976.

On September 2nd, DJ Anton Powers shared with his 10,187 Facebook fans information about All about the Cause. CALM then wrote about the project in their online magazine – you can read the piece here.

On 3rd, Sonny Wharton agreed to be on our panel of Change-Makers. He will be appearing alongside Lyndon Ogbourne, Sam Bentley, Gemma Tomlinson and Jody Thompson on 23rd September at our launch event in London. Tickets are free & places are going fast – register to attend now to avoid disappointment! Part One. Part Deux.

On 6th September, romance author Helena Fairfax tweeted to writer Rowan Coleman about All about the Cause, who promptly shared our hashtag and web link with her 3,715 followers. It was retweeted 14 times that day.

Suggested causes currently range from mental health issues to domestic violence, gay rights and Syria. What will this week bring?? Remember, our #CAUSE2013 could be anything. Publicising the work of a talented but unheard blogger, resolving an issue in your local area, or making the dreams of a very special person come true. Suggest what you’d like to change or support via Twitter (@AATC2013) or Facebook ( using #CAUSE2013 or tell us in the comments below.


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