All about the Cause: GET YOUR FREE TICKETS!


You can now register to attend All about the Cause: Part One and Part Deux via the SMWLDN website:

All about the Cause: Part One (click here)
All about the Cause: Part Deux (click here)

Tickets for these events are FREE. Not only will attendees be able to see social celebrities such as adult performer Sam Bentley, Vlogging sensation Gemma Tomlinson of Gems Maquillage and Huffington Post UK Blogs Editor Jody Thompson in the flesh, but they will also be sharing to make a difference; showing the world that social media can do good.

Follow @AATC2013 and #CAUSE2013 from now up to and throughout Social Media Week to find out what our cause will be and keep track of progress. All of our Social Celebrity Change-Makers will be tweeting, sharing and generally buzzing online using this hashtag to make good things happen. You can also track everything in one place and learn more about the initiative and who’s involved here at

What cause would you like to see us support?? Tell us using #CAUSE2013.

Spread the word guys and get involved!


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