Be less dog, be more cat (when cleaning)

We’re pretty accepting of most things just the way they are, but should we be?

Take kitchen towel, for instance. Why is it square? Particularly since most of the time, when you clean something up, it’s only the middle bit that gets used. Maybe it doesn’t need its corners. Maybe, just maybe, it’s better off round

I mean, when it’s square, you have to use both hands to unravel it from a roll and, as I said to Nick only the other day, why on earth, in this day and age, should you have to use TWO hands to do something as simple as getting a piece of kitchen towel? You can eat with one hand, tweet with one hand, swim with one hand

He responded with the words, “Jo, be more dog”. (This is a reference to O2’s recent campaign to encourage everyone to be less cat, i.e. disinterested, bored, and be more dog, i.e. super excited about everything.) Normally, I would agree with him, but in this instance I’m willing to stand up and say, “I, Jo, am a cat.”

It’s the 21st century people! Why should cleaning be left in the dark ages?

Also round is way more fun than square. Did you ever enjoy a square loop-the-loop…? :-/

Ora is available at selected Tesco stores and is rolling out to a further 900 by the end of the year.


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