It’s a boy! All about Social Media is born


It’s a boy! Yes, congratulations to William & Kate, but we’re actually talking about another historic birth this week.

People keep asking us and we realised a little while ago that we knew alot of the answers, so we thought it was high time we formalised things and packaged our ideas and knowledge on social media into a monthly newsletter: All about Social Media.

Now we know that most of YOU are already experts, hosting events at SMWLDN, snapchatting and creating your own viral memes, but not everyone is as comfortable digitally as we are, so we’re aiming this at beginners. Our aim is to get everyone hooraying hashtags, in tune with tagging and positive about pinning.

Without further ado…

Facebook – Converse

Converse’s Facebook page is both popular and integrated. Converse has adopted a global strategy of connecting with music.

Their Facebook page acts global but has relevant local content for all users without being alienating. As consumers, we don’t feel jealous or annoyed by reading about Converse music events globally even if we can’t attend. The way they are worded and the fact that we can still interact via Facebook makes us feel included.

YouTube – Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles – YouTube Vlogging sensation. Her weekly videos clock up over 2 million views each. This is a real example of how good funny content will keep people coming back time after time, week in week out.

One to watch –

Recently bought back from its corporate owners AOL after being under their wing for 2 years. is a service that lets you create a one-page profile all about you – it can include links to social profiles and such like, but the idea is all about simplicity. This will become the exec summary of people’s online lives and will allow users to link to all social media profiles including personalised URLs for CVs as that becomes the norm.

Twitter – who to follow

@fleetstreetfox – Great blogs and tweets from tabloid newspaper reporter Susie Boniface
@jodythompson – Blogs Editor at Huffington Post UK
@pret – Best practice corporate/consumer twitter feed

For details of our social media case studies, just visit our website or email

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