If you’re shy & retiring, look away now…

riverboat food fest montage

If you don’t like delicious food, pop up dining experiences, boats, cocktails, or fun, stop reading NOW.

As you know, at All about the Idea, not only do we like making edible things for others, but we also like munching the goods ourselves and then telling you about it. This is one of those scenarios, as I got to try the Riverboat Food Festival at Tamesis Dock recently. So, this was going to be a pop up review blog post, pop ups being one of our favourite topics, as you can implement some smart ideas via a pop up. But sometimes, it’s not All about the Idea, it’s all about me. And more specifically folks, this week it’s All about Batch Bakery London.

It’s not often that I feel the need to evangelise about a brand other than All about the Idea (or our clients, of course), however I find myself making an exception in this instance.

Because it CHANGED my LIFE.

An intensely all-or-nothing child, I grew up with fad diet food habits. My parents for a long time had to convince me that everything they put in front of me, regardless of whether it was roast chicken or  spaghetti bolognese, was melon (similarly, a little later with omelette). Obviously, this fussiness left me at some stage, as I now devour with pleasure any and all of God’s good foods. But I have always been consistent in one area: I, Jo Furnival, do not and have never liked ice cream.

Except, maybe I do now…

Batch Bakery London made the dessert that was served at the Riverboat Food Fest, which was billed as ‘Frozen Elvis on a Stick’. There was no stick – but who the hell cares, you can’t it anyway – but there were two layers of dark chocolate brownie… (yeah basically, if the dessert had stopped there, it would have been delicious) …filled with a banoffee peanut butter ice cream (oh. my. god. Peanut butter is something I can no longer have in the house. I’m on the wagon), dipped in chocolate and covered with salted peanut praline (unholy thoughts. Seriously.)

So, sod the rest of the food (though it was delicious, sorry guys), sod All about the Idea (it’s been great working with you, I’ve had a blast) and sod marketing, ‘cos there’s only one thing that matters now: When is my next fix??**


**If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this blog post, like chocolate brownie, peanut butter, or ice cream addiction, Google can help. And you have our sympathies.

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