Pollen Street Social

Pollen St SOCIAL

If you’re a regular reader of the Big Ideas blog, you’ve probably cottoned onto the fact that I am what is known as a ‘foodie’. I share this character trait with the company Director and resident fudge specialist, Tom Tuke-Hastings.

So, it was with a particular fondness that I put together the above visual, as all of the pictures were taken by me when I was lucky enough recently to enjoy a lavish meal at destination restaurant Pollen Street Social as a reward for being such a good little worker here at All about the Idea (and the College Group).

Jason Atherton’s set lunch menu, I figured, would be a smart choice, as I’d heard stories of the establishment’s penchant for intermediary courses, amuse bouche and petits fours. More bang for my buck, I thought. And I was not wrong. All in all, I enjoyed a grand total of 7 different dishes (not including the PSS doggy bag – pictured – in which I proudly pocketed the remainder of my enormous Black Angus fillet).

First up, some delicious pork scratching type nibbles served with some sort of apple horseradish sauce (I think), green olives and a mysterious second dip, which my dining partner felt was a little too rich for her (at 2.30 in the afternoon, this was her breakfast). I ordered soft hen’s egg, English asparagus, truffle puree, parsley & smoked Lincolnshire eel soup to start. A confusing bowl to look at but rewarding to taste, with undetermined smoky shapes swimming amid a sea of green and with a deliciously surprising brown gloop at the bottom – divine!

Next up: Black Angus fillet, charred eggplant, roasted salsify, charred onions, oxtail & marrow bone. Blue. Beautifully presented and the beef 100% the star of the show, dominating the plate so much in fact that I could only manage half of it (hence the doggy bag). It was just aswell I had my palate cleanser to come next, which was a delicious dessert in itself. Regrettably, I can’t remember what flavour the foam was that sat atop a chamomile sorbet, but it was definitely one of my favourite dishes of the day.

Dessert: 70% chocolate ganache, banana ice cream, sesame crumble, Pedro Ximenez with chocolate coral. Dark chocolate, banana and the nuttiness of that crumble Рwhat could possibly be wrong with that. Answer? Nothing. Nothing, save for the fact that the night before I had attended a street food festival at Tamesis Dock at which the dessert had been life-changing. Literally. A former ice cream hater was converted by the wizardry of the guys at Batch Bakery London (blog to come).

With a delightful Bakewell tart-esque mini sponge/muffin to finish, I was well pleased. Not wanting coffee, but my friend finding that she hadn’t quite over indulged enough, we fluttered our eyelashes at the waiter who obligingly brought us an excellent petit four. Totally unnecessary, but let’s face it, it just ain’t a meal unless you nail that seventh course.

So, thank you everyone at Pollen Street Social and thanks also to All about the Idea. The prosecco flowed, the food was fabulous and the company picked up the tab – what better way to enjoy a Saturday?!

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