3000 people, one tune, a message from the future & All Hands on deck


Sounds like a fun weekend right?

But in actual fact, those were just 4 of the things that made last week’s event for our very favourite client so spectacular.

After weeks of looong days in the office sourcing inflatable fruit, writing scripts for a carnival, conceiving of a giant watercooler, receiving a never ending stream of oddly shaped packages and coordinating superfast photo and video shoots around the UK and indeed the globe, all hands were on deck last Thursday in Manchester for the execution of an event filled with big ideas…

The main arena was dominated by a 30m x 11m floor screen and huge 11m x 7m side screens, seamlessly joined together by our studio dream team. And we had to think BIG, as facing one another across the colourful and animated floor and sides were 2 huge blocks of seating each for 1500 people. Our presenters braved being gobbled up by some awesome 3D effects and told us it was like walking on an iPad!

When your showcaller has a moustache like d’Artagnan, what could possibly go wrong, as enormous sections of footage, SFX, music and magic were cued like clockwork. The brass band in the carnival marched like it was going out of fashion and float after float was met with engagement and applause from the audience.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in this our latest adventure – you know who you are – and we look forward to doing something no less weird and wonderful with you very soon!

If you’d like to know more about our big ideas, visit our website or give us a ring on 0207 8667877.


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