A crazy Vietnamese idea from Jamie

Vietnam Route

You all know we like big ideas and frankly the nuttier the better (you need only check out Director Tom TH‘s list of hobbies for verification of this – elephant polo anyone?), so we felt compelled to shout about this one, which just so happens to have been thought up by a colleague here at AatI HQ, Jamie Ramsay.

Having been deranged, I mean ambitious, enough to sign up for the 2013 Jungle Marathon (a 240km race taking place over 7 days) to raise money for the STV Appeal, you can imagine his disappointment when Jamie was informed with little more than a month’s notice that this year’s event was to be cancelled. After failing to find a suitable (and affordable) alternative, Jamie’s big idea, with the training done, the kit bought and the flight arranged, was to head to Vietnam regardless and organise his own 240km race (I told you this was nutty.)

The STV appeal was set up to help tackle child poverty in Scotland. More detail of their work can be found on Jamie’s blog, which he is planning to keep up-to-date as he wends his way from start to finish entirely unsupported with all his kit on his back, like a much faster than average (and far less slimey) snail. You can also find him on Twitter @jamieisrunning.

If you would like to donate to the cause, his just giving page is www.justgiving.com/jamieinthejungle. Good luck J, you crazy kook!


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