90 second update

Team outing

Good morning London and the world! It’s been a little while since we updated you on our news and there’s been alot going on here at All about the Idea, so I thought I’d give you a 90 second update.

Since Lloyd joined us at Easter time, it’s been all hands on deck in preparation for this June’s major event for our client, TalkTalk. And that has meant a few more new faces at HQ. Two of these you can see in the picture above, taken on a team outing two nights ago to say farewell to our wonderful intern Alice (wearing the cycling helmet). Alice “The Itinerary” Mitchell has been an integral part of the Ideas team over the last 9 or so weeks and has dealt with everything from giant ice creams and Dr Who Tardis hire to divas and Indian visas. She will be sorely missed.

Alix (to whom the cycling helmet actually belongs), pictured in the middle, rejoined us this week after making such an indelible impression on the clan back in February as our research intern. Always ready with a point of view, Alix “Transcriptions Machine” Paver will be staying to give us a hand up to and including show day.

Lloyd, now settled in and known as Lloydy, has been getting to grips with life overseeing the studio, which is currently led by star animator Lee and made up of animation genius Henrik (who rocked our world back in 2011 editing and animating the Hackathon, not sleeping once in 30 hours), Cinema 4D pro Amy and cool, calm and collected editor Vasco (also a Hackathon zombie).

So, it’s full steam ahead! Which is why you haven’t really heard from us in some time. We’re sorry – we’ll keep you posted on how things are going as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can always hear from us via Twitter or Facebook, or even let us know what imaginative things you’re up to!


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