Want to be inside the TV?

small DSC02247

I remember, when I was little, thinking that the people on telly could see me, ‘cos they were basically inside the TV looking back out at me. This was also the assumption drawn by the outdated vampire Barnabas (Johnny Depp) in the film Dark Shadows when confronted with a Carpenters music special on the 70s ‘goggle box’, exclaiming “Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!”

My imagination also ran wild while reading the bit in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Mike Teavee ends up inside a television set.

Now, in my late 20s, all grown up and silliness aside, I’m pretty much… 92% sure that there’s noone in my TV and no way that I can get in there either. But we’re working very hard at the moment on the next best thing…

Above is an image showing what happened when we tested out projecting some animation onto a 30m wide (11m high) ‘screen’ on the floor, extending up the wall onto a side screen. Results were conclusive: It looked pretty cool. The idea with this is that there will be a screen wherever you look, like the Architect has in the Matrix. There’ll be one on the floor, one either side of you and finally, if you look up, there will be something there communicating to you too. We’re building a box of screens and we’re going to put our presenter inside it…

Watch this space for more BIG ideas and to see how we got on.

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