Belated Happy Easter – here’s what we did…

Easter egg

Morning all. We’re super sorry that this is late, but we’ve been having some work done. No, Derrick hasn’t been under the knife, getting a nip and tuck, but the Big Ideas blog has, which is why it’s been a bit out of action lately.

So, here’s our little Happy Easter to you, a tad behind schedule. This year, we decided that yes, Christmas is awesome and anything involving family, presents under trees, surprises, singing, food and frolicking is alright by us (more than alright), but we realised that we’d been neglecting a more obvious occasion: Easter! What’s not to love? Everyone gets chocolate at Easter, and everyone loves chocolate right?

As a result of this epiphany (yes, perhaps we had been a bit slow in realising it), we put our thinking caps on to come up with a little Easter treat for our friends (and soon to be friends) that was even more special than a Cadbury’s egg.

In the picture you see above, there is a chocolate egg covered in silver foil. That much is clear. But what you can’t see is what’s inside. Probably by now, you’re getting the message that we like making things. Well, we also try to encourage others to get creative and muck in. Therefore, inside each milk chocolate egg, we hid miniature bottles of Stolichnaya vodka and Tia Maria. Assuming that recipients would be able to get hold of their own orange juice, thus we had provided all the ingredients to make a Chocolate Orange Swizzle (even up to providing the swizzle sticks)!

“Have a drink on us!”, we said. And so they did. So, they did. What will the next surprise be? Noone knows. But you can bet your life it’ll be a pretty good idea.


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