Fancy being a film extra?

We know creative types – we are some. So we know that many of you secretly (and some not so secretly) fancy yourselves as the next Kevin Spacey and Charlize Theron. Well, an opportunity has come to our attention, which could help you on your way to Hollywood… This is a time limited offer so get in quick!

On Monday 25th, filming is taking place in Forbidden Planet, London, with Chase Masterson (Star Trek DS9) and you could be an extra in one of her scenes!

The film: The Search for Simon is a sci-fi comedy about a man who is convinced his brother Simon was abducted by aliens, and has spent his life searching for him. Directed and co-written by award-winning filmmaker Martin Gooch, whose last feature, DEATH, had its world premiere at SCI-FI-LONDON last year, before going on to festival successes around the world. Martin describes this latest project, “Think Shaun of the Dead rubbing up against The X-Files, with a little Blair Witch Project, and UFOs thrown in for good measure.” The film has a great cast including Tom Price(Torchwood), Carol Cleveland (Monty Python), Sophie Aldred (Dr Who) and Simon Jones (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

Please note that accommodation and travel are not provided. Shooting is currently scheduled from 08:00 to 09:00 at Forbidden Planet (as it has to be done before the shop opens!) so if you would like to be an extra, you could get it in the bag before starting work on Monday! What a cool way to start the week! There may also be some shooting later in the day too, to be confirmed.

More details hereClick here for details on Chase.

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