The woman behind the idea

Back in January, we announced the winners to Idea Awards 12, the last Idea Awards that would be held on the blog site (it’s now moved to Facebook – click to like us). One of our winners was Bryony Ridge from London, for her idea of a Charity Shop Gift Voucher.

All about the Idea caught up with her to find out a little bit more about the woman behind the big idea…

What made you enter the Idea Awards?

I initially saw it advertised on the IdeasTap website. It appealed to me because I hoped someone would see my idea and make it a reality.

What’s your current situation?

I am currently studying for an MA in Music in Development at SOAS, University of London.

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur?

I would love to be able to carry ideas forward, but those such as the one I entered in this competition feel out of my capabilities.

Do you think you’d be keen to pursue your idea and make it a reality?

I would like to see my idea being made a reality by someone else. I have plenty of other ideas to keep me occupied!
I think the competition could benefit from promising entrants support to realise their ideas if they were to win.

Ok Bryony, we’ll bear it in mind! In fact, we have mentored aspiring young creative minds in the past. Remember the Smile High Club? Refresh your memory here.

Like us on Facebook to tell us your idea and the person whose idea is most shared could win themselves a seat in the Boardroom with All about the Idea Director Tom Tuke-Hastings for tips and tricks on how to get their idea off the ground.

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