Become a film director for French Connection

Big fan of the Nouvelle Vague in Cinema? Fancy yourself as a bit of a film director? Or just want to win a trip to Sydney and a shopping spree?

French Connection’s latest multi-channel marketing campaign (from agency 101) might just bring your dreams to life.

Visitors to the retailer’s site are invited to ‘make a scene’ by creating a short film by selecting a combination of six pre-shot scenes of actors wearing French Connection clothes.

Participants can then change the running order of the scenes, select a soundtrack from different music categories, add a special effects theme from genres including noir and comedy and name their finished film.

The idea is that the more creative the film, the more shareable it is and the most popular ones then get a placing on the Make a Scene leader board. I had a go at this, keen to see how shareable I could make my final product. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed!

I hope it wasn’t my lack of creativity that resulted in such a vanilla result. Nay, twas not, I say! In fact, now I think about it, the scenes that appeared in my final film appeared considerably different to what I selected in the early stages. I suspect that this is down to the application of special effects without actually being able to preview the impact the effects will have on the scenes themselves. For instance, a lot of close cropping seemed to appear, which I don’t remember from the small thumbnail scene selection at the start. That’s another thing, had I been able to see the selections at the beginning a bit bigger, my story might have stood a chance at being much more coherent.

Still, quite a fun exercise and no doubt I’ll give it another go using a different email address, if only to attempt to claw back my reputation for being vaguely creative! Have a watch of the leader board vids – see if you can do any better.


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