HTC launches the brand new HTC One!

So, Tuesday was a big day for HTC. The smartphone manufacturer officially launched to press and public its latest device, the HTC One.

The Taiwanese mobile phone brand counted down to the launch on a buzzing Oxford Street with a countdown clock against blacked out windows of the Phones 4u opposite Selfridges, a big screen & speakers linked in to the press conference taking place in HTC’s Slough HQ, plus cakes and chocolates for those already waiting patiently in the queue.

When the time came, HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, was greeted with a cheer from the crowd on London’s busiest shopping street and the slick, new handset was introduced.

With a full aluminium body, front facing speakers, a personalised content feed called BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe, capturing high definition footage for you to splice, cut up, move around and stick together stills to create your own montage, the phone looks, feels and sounds awesome.

You can pre-order yours now! Click here for more information.


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