Plug your broadband into your electricity!

This is an idea that’s set to revolutionise the way broadband works in the home, making connecting to the internet a more seamless, consistent and safer experience all round.

So, we’ve all had those moments of broadband frustration, when you’re looking up a recipe for beef bourguignon but you have to leave the iPad in the sitting room, rather than bring it into the kitchen, as the connection speed by the hob just isn’t good enough, or you’ve got to bring your duvet into the hall by the router to nurse your lurgi with Downton Abbey on the iPlayer, because the laptop just won’t buffer quickly enough upstairs.

Well, no longer with HomePlugs. HomePlugs reach the parts of your house that your wireless cannot. Each unit enables you to expand your network using the existing electrical wiring within your home; the data travels from one HomePlug to another. All you do is plug any Ethernet device into the HomePlug and away you go – high speed reliable networking, from utility room to nursery.

So, if you’re sick of looking at the ‘spinning rainbow’ (buffering wheel), then think about investing in these bad boys. Don’t be a dinosaur.

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