Feast your eyes on that prize hoard!

No, it isn’t the festive season again – Christmas comes but once a year. Nay, this is the prize hoard for Idea Awards 12. And what a bounty it is!

We have a bottle of the finest Marquis vodka, showing here in a rather fetching display case and accompanied by an author signed copy of The Art of the Vodka Jelly, the recipe book for all cocktail loving foodies.

Also on the table is an idea wrapped iHelicopter set by experts in toy making, ExtremeFliers. Remember when we interviewed the CEO and founder, Vernon? Click here for a reminder and you can see him in action on Dragon’s Den too.

And we’re pretty sure our runner up won’t be disappointed with her prize of some lovingly handmade by the Tuke of Hastings himself, All about the Idea’s Director, Tom, chocolate orange marshmallow fudge, complete with recipe for when her ready made stash is depleted.

Jealous? All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning your own delicious foodstuffs, toys, or alcoholic beverages, is enter Idea Awards 13, by posting an idea to our Facebook wall and then sharing with your friends. It ain’t difficult. So, get creative, Idea-ites!

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