We make things… Here’s a tiny taste

So, last week I revealed that the All about the Idea team was decamping from HQ and hitting the streets of Laaandan for some inspiration.

After a brief scout, we settled on the uber cool, casual and cultured space at Platform in London Fields. The drab 1960s office block was a community college, council offices and a squat before it became a hive of artsy activity. With a wall of windows overlooking the East London skyline, trains chugging along the railway tracks at eye level give the scene a faintly futuristic edge.

After delving into a Persian prawn curry with green salad & a glass of red, the conversation swiftly came round to what we love doing. Big ideas, obviously, but over the last 5 years as a marketing consultancy you know what else we’ve found we really enjoy? Making things.

We make videos, we design sets, we create infographics, we tell stories… and, as you can see from the picture, we even make fudge!

When one of your mottos is ‘We’ll make it happen’, it’s not really surprising that much of the time, it’s simply ‘We’ll make it’. After all, creativity is an ability to produce, construct, fabricate and if the result of that process is heavenly smooth chocolate and orange marshmallow squares, then so much the better.

Without further ado, here are some of the things we like to cook up in the kitchen, our ‘daily specials’ if you will:

    Big ideas – a diet staple, can be a tiny nugget or endless bowl of interlinking spaghetti

      Consumer PR – spicy and packing enough punch to make the front page

        Social media content – an exciting array of tapas style dishes you’ll want to share with friends

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