All about the Tree Christmas competition winners

Cast your minds back a little while to Christmas… (Are you getting fatter just thinking about it? Ok, bear with us, you can think healthy thoughts again soon)

Christmas 2012 was All about the Tree and so we planted a few mini Nordic spruces around the country in strategic locations and plotted them on a map, which we shared with you all at At the same time, we posted some mini Ideas trees to our favourite friends, old and new, with a note about how to pair up their tree with one of our planted trees in order to be in with a chance of winning some festive champers.

Right, all up to speed? Well, we’re pleased to announce that the much coveted bottle of bubbly goes to… Celine and Amanda!

We were thoroughly awestruck that they managed to hunt down our planted tree in the Reading wilderness (and even more impressive was the fact that they brazenly commandeered the tree that arrived in the post from its targeted recipient in the first place – now THAT’S opportunistic!)

Well done ladies and commiserations to those who missed out this year. And to those who didn’t enter, aren’t you kicking yourselves now?!

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