How do you sell the unknown?

Unfortunately, you can never just do your job. Particularly since the onset of the recession (boo, hiss), you’ve really got to sell your services too.

But before you can start to do this, you need to be clear about what your services are. So, when the product you’re offering is never set in stone, but different every time, from client to client, because by its very nature the thing itself is an unknown until it is attached to a particular brand or situation; how do you sell it?

As with all communications, the answer to this depends on who you’re talking to. Some people are very conceptual, visual and understand the ‘language of ideas’ without you having to go into any detail about what physical form those ideas might take. Others are far more literal. They prefer words, explanation and concrete examples. These people are really going to struggle to understand what you’re talking about if you tell them “we sell big ideas”.

It’s lucky then that here at All about the Idea, the team comprises of those in the conceptual and the detailed camps, so we can talk the language that’s needed to get the message across.

So, on Tuesday, we’re ditching All about the Idea Towers for a nearby, top secret creative space, where we can indulge the conceptual and the literal sides of ourselves and see what big ideas we can come up with. We’ll be sharing our thoughts and outcomes, as well as details of our chosen venue, next week, so keep an eye out. There may be some unexpected treats…


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