Idea Awards… This is your Life

2 and a half years and hundreds of thousands of page views from the four corners of the globe later, it’s time to say goodbye to the Idea Awards.

Idea Awards… This is your Life.

Born in July 2010, Idea Awards was designed to be a forum open to all for the sharing of ideas, new or old, about products, processes and everyday activities. It was soon to become a catalyst for debate about business, marketing, art and technology and the magnum of bubbly incentive for the best idea quickly evolved into a top 3 best entries tiered prize giving.

During Idea Awards 10, 11 and 12, we have seen an uplifting level of creative input from the sublime to the ridiculous: Bespoke coffins for football fanatics stands out from 2010’s competition, along with the 99p coin in 2011, queer fairytales and the genius Queue-U (has anyone seen this anywhere yet?). Lasting contributions from 2012 will be ‘Looking for Kurt Cobain‘ and good news TV.

Though, of course, each and every idea is itself the Idea Awards’ legacy. The ideas were born and they will never die. They live on in our hearts and minds, perhaps some of them have become a reality, and all of them will be archived in the Big Ideas Blog, which will continue to bring you industry musings and rambling, incoherent posts on cool stuff we come across.

So, thank you all. It’s been emotional.

Gone, but not forgotten. I’ll leave you with some fond memories:

2011 winner, Chris Burgess (TV channel for student showreels):
It was really fun taking part in Idea Awards 11. It was great that my idea received so many votes – the students at Amersham & Wycombe College where I work are all passionate about Film and Television and got the idea to spread through Facebook and Twitter. So, thank you to All about the idea for helping me get my idea off the ground!

2010 winner, Barny Barratt (electronic receipts):
Winning the Idea Awards was pretty amazing… It was fun to enter and to get a magnum of Nyetimber for entering a simple idea was a great (if disproportionate) reward.

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