All about Christmas

Those of you following us on Twitter and Facebook are probably already aware of our 2012 Christmas activity. Let me fill in the rest of you.

#AllAboutChristmas is a little something we came up with to say thank you to our clients for a fantastic 2012…

Our most favourite people, this year, have received a miniature Christmas ‘Idea’ tree, complete with festive bauble, tinsel and snow. Not only can they plant these perfect little Nordic evergeens and watch them grow into fully fledged adult trees bearing fruitful ideas (or is it ideas fruit?), but wrapped around each base is a note from yours truly directing them to our dedicated Christmas 2012 site,

Now then kids, if you do in fact go to, you will see a map of the country with lots of little Christmas trees dotted all over it. Yes, you guessed it, in each of these locations is another Idea tree that we have planted to bring a bit of seasonal cheer to the surrounding countryside, suburbs and cities (whilst also making a valid oxygen contribution to the air we all need to survive – don’t say we never give you anything).

We’ve asked our favourite people to go off and hunt down these trees with their own in tow and to take a pretty picture of the baby pines together for our Ideas scrapbook.

Now, if YOU want to take part, well why not? We’ve already had one spotted in Paddington Basin. See if you can see any of our Idea trees around and about. Email us a picture at if you find one – the best gets a special feature right here on the Ideas Blog.

Ho ho ho and happy hunting!

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